Violet Pigments

Including cobalt violet, manganese violet, mars violet and dioxazine violet

Blue Pigments

A review of major blue pigments including cerulean blue, cobalt blue, manganese blue, prussian blue, and ultramarine blue

Red Pigments

Including cadmium red, cadmium vermilion, mars red, pyroll red, quinacradone red, scarlet lake, transparent oxide red, and venetian red

Green Pigments

Including green earth, pthalocyanine green, and viridian

Yellow Pigments

Including cadmium yellow, chrome yellow, genuine naples yellow, lead-tin yellow, mars yellow, naples yellow

White Pigments

Including lead white (flake white, cremnitz white), titanium white, and zinc white

Brown Pigments

Including raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber, burnt umber, and mars brown

Black Pigments

Including Ivory or Bone Black, Mars Black, and Lamp Black

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