Indirect Painting

Including Flemish and Venetian techniques, and French Academic painting

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To be developed in the near future.

Virgil’s Advice: 

If there is texture in the underpainting, as in brushstrokes, once this is painted over and then varnished, there will be glare reflecting off of the texture with some lighting situations. The way to avoid this in future paintings is to make sure your underpainting has no texture before you paint over it.

Virgil also recommends that artists avoid using umbers in their underpaintings. A Facebook user reported an uneven results after varnishing her painting: some areas appeared matte and others glossy. Virgil surmised that the umber passages in the underpainting “absorbed some or all of the varnish applied over them, as umbers tend to be more absorbent than any other oil paints when they dry. I stopped using them, for that reason.”


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